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plus the perfecting color of a bb cream equal? introducing the newest beauty trend. total effects cc cream c for color. c for correction. [ female announcer ] fight 7 signs of aging flawlessly. cc what's possible. hi, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. the white house coming under fire on two fronts this morning. and it's adding up to one high-stakes day in washington, d.c. first, the big guns meeting with vice president joe biden, the v.p. hosting the most powerful gun lobby today, the nra. walmart, selling a lot of guns also going to be at the white house meeting with eric holder. it's day two of the white house pow-wow of aimed at gaining consensus. it comes after biden took heat for saying executive orders are on the table.
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>> we're here today to view all the requirements needing action, immediate action. and the president and i are determined to take action. the president is going to act, executive orders, there are executive action that can be taken. we haven't decided what that is yet. >> all right. so the second big story, the latest addition to the cabinet, later today, the president nominate jack lew to be the next secretary of the treasury. the president plans a big fight over the budget. lew is the fourth man picked from the budget. hilda solis is an hispanic female elevating the debate over a black president and in her circle. >> this president has made two appointments to the supreme court. both of them women. and i think that this commitment to -- >> is that -- >> well, i think the record
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speaks for itself. >> for this president with his particular history and also given all the campaign rhetoric about diversity, with every administration, regardless of which administration it is, we hope that we have the more diverse cabinet, that, again, reflects america. >> it's a guy's club. he has guys, you know, they go golfing with him. these got guys playing basketball with him. women have complained quietly about being excluded at the white house since 2009. >> we're talking about a couple of cabinet positions that are being filled. and why don't you name -- and it's not just gender. but it's the exact moment in one's career and timing. >> it does go without saying that if this were a republican president, it could be a national outrage. >> all right. so let's dive in bring in the thursday morning power pow, joanne reed, democratic strategic chris delfinos.
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>> the other other cabinet members staying, eric holderer and other one that decided to say on, ray lahood. ruth marcus we had on the show yesterday, to ask whether or not president obama needs a binderful of women. maybe tongue in cheek. she writes about the white guys. what a shame, not an outrage, but a shame. the face of power that president obama has chosen to present to the country is strikele second for the african-american president at the top of the pyramid for its retro look. white and mail. it's "mad men" goes to washington. they've posted a picture that goes viral. all men in the oval office. in fact, if you look really are closely. we will circle the leg of valerie jarrett. you'll find her in that picture.
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however, she's behind the guy right there. that sparked the white house to release another photo. showing more women in the inner circle. a woman that came out wednesday. i want to start with you, is this reality or perception problems? >> this is our cover story right now. and it's a smart way to look at it, we in the media tend to focus on the big jobs. there are certain jobs sort of media more friendly. we tend to look at the cia and defense detectiver. those are the big positions to us in the media. >> the big boy jobs. >> we tend to focus on those. if i'm valerie jarrett who is probably the most influential person in terms of her ability to influence the president or counsel the president, i'm thinking about what me? and eric holder, he does happen to be black. it's not as if there are no african-americans or women in high-profile jobs just not focused on. >> and the first second cabinet shuffle has been an unforced error so far.
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>> i think part of it is we sort of have this high-profile problem with our thinking that susan rice was the first choice for state. and then when she didn't get it, we didn't know if it was her or john kerry was his first choice. or whenever this has set up women was the minority. >> on chris jansing & company, chris had congressman charlie rangel on. i just want to play what he said. take a listen. >> it's as embarrassing as hell. we went through this with murit romney. and we very hard on mitt romney with women binding thing. in the second term, you could say people got to know who is around who is qualified in order to get this job. >> chris, i want to go with you, he's saying as embarrassing as hell. talking about this, we are in of the second term, and the president set the standard here in changing how diversity can play a greater role in
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broadening these positions. is charlie rangel to say this is as embarrassing as hell and there should be a deeper bench when coming to replace these positions? >> well, i think there's a couple ways to look at it, the statistics of the administration in terms of diversity, it's on par with what the clinton administration was and it's more diverse than president bush. that being said, you know, as the proud father of a 6-year-old daughter who is already planning her presidential run, the optics aren't good. and we can do better and should do better. when you're talking about these key positions, these cabinet positions, let's be honest. it's not just about finding the best person. that's obvious. but it's also about sending a message to the country. there are great qualified women that can be secretary of defense or secretary of state as we've seen with secretary clinton so we've got to be honest about that. to congressman rangel's point, as democrats, we can't be hypocritical critical, we tore apart and i did, so did others
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over mitt romney's comments. we can't sit there and hold the white house to a different standard. i think the president and administration need to do a better job. i'm just being honest. >> chris, as we look at this, the obama cabinet compared to that of president clinton or president bush, is this just leaving open, i guess, a weak spot for the president moving forward? as chris brings up, everybody was quick to jump on mitt romney on the women comment. and now the president may not be towing the line he led? >> first of all, four years out of obama, you're most likely to a women on the tee at augusta than at a cabinet meeting at the white house. the president laid out the three cabinet picks and said these are the best three america to serve these jobs. you take somebody like chuck hagel who has already signaled to the iranians he's taken off any military strikes in the event of them having nuclear
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capability, that this can't be the best personality we have. anti-israel and so forth. so not only did he ignore any women in the picks, he's picked people who are not qualified. >> when you talk about anti-israel, talk about what you mean. that's been disproven, john from here to sunday. >> what happened is chuck hagel is going back and changing history. first of all, he did go back and say he does not believe the right way ever to stop iran is to have any type of military strike possibility. now, you got to pressure remember, this is the same president who already took out the russians -- he was going to be more flexible negotiating missile defense. now somebody already is tipping off the iranians that he's going to be flexible on negotiations. second of all, chuck hagel was very, very critical of the israel and jewish lobbying in washington, d.c., said it was
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too aggressive. many in the israel and jewish community took that as a big insult to them. >> it's still, chris, widespread, that chuck hague is going to sail through any confirmation hearings, while they might be bruising publicly? >> listen, chuck hagel is going to face tough questions as every nominee does. that's the reality. he's going to have to defend what he said in the past. look at his record. this is a veteran. this is a guy who has stood up for veterans and defense issues his whole life, that says a lot. now in terms of iran, with all due respect to my republican friend, if anyone thinks that the president of the united states is going to nominate a defense secretary who wants to go to war with iran, they've clearly not paid attention the last few years. the reality is to find someone who makes sure our national security is safe. and issues are protected but not simply someone who wants to
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rattle sabers and go to war. >> no one is saying go to war, but it's the worst negotiating technique in the world to take something completely off of the table and get nothing for it. basically, what you said to the country, whose president said they would like to write israel off the face of the map that we will not respond, we will not be aggressive. >> with all due respect, i don't want to sit there and listen to lecturing about national security from republicans and administration, the previous one that led us into two wars, including one we never had to fight. that being said, let's give chuck hagel his time and chance to defend himself and his case to why he should be secretary of defense. >> there are a lot of democrats who are not ready to support him. keep that in mind. >> i'm going to give the last word to joy-ann here, ray lahood is undecided. do you think he's ready to step aside so that the president can bring in a diverse female member?
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>> i don't know. every opening now, you're going to feel the pressure to fill those with women or minorities. white house has to make a decision, are they going to fill these nominees or buss they're not the kind of candidate a president would have picked. >> thank you so much. thank you, i appreciate it. as mentioned at the tom of the hour, vice president joe biden will kick off a second day of meetings with the goal of building consensus on gun control. and just before noon time, he's going to be meeting the representatives of the sporting institute. and then the members of the national rifle association. and then this evening, he's going to meet with representatives of the video and movie industries. joining me is lela mcdowell. it's great to have you here. let's start with the president's meeting with the nra. certainly, is this big with the two entities coming together. the big push from the nra as we
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remember from wayne lapierre's big press conference was to arm teachers. and the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. when we talk about the armed guards in the school proposal. former president clinton spoke about that, quote, there are going to need to be armed guards in schools where there's a higher crime rate where kids may take weapons to school, but it is not an excuse to deal with this issue." explain to us those concerns? >> so, first of all, we have more police in schools than we've had for 20 years. so this is not a new idea. and the police are strained for the streets, not the classrooms. and what the results that we're seeing in these schools is high rates of arrest of young people for very minor infractions. like talking back to a teacher. infractions that should be
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handled by talking back to a counselor or teacher. a 6-year-old arrested for having a temper tantrum in her class. in mississippi, we have a young high school student, arrested, spent about two weeks in jail for wearing the wrong colored socks. the police are enforcing the zero tolerance policy and what it's resulted in is students being arrested for these minor infractions. unfortunately, african-americans are getting hit at what we call extreme discipline policies. and the result is higher dropout rates and more young people in the criminal justice system ultimately does not make us safe. one last thing, the data shows that police in schools does not make us safer. many schools have 20 to 40 doors. you would need a military squad to guard every single door. it's not resulting in increased safety. but resulting in more kids not
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in college and more kids in the criminal justice system. >> as the vice president continues to limp sten to this, what are your hopes to having something tangible that the president can use in the state of the union address, so what are your proposal hopes? >> well, we hope to see some common sense gun control. it's imperative that we we have -- we have more gun stores than mcdonald's or supermarkets. there's something wrong with that. we also want common sense school discipline. we're urging not to invest in more police in schools but invest in mental health professionals and professors that can stall the kids before they become violent and help create the positive environments in schools. >> legal la mcdowell, the advancement project. great to have you on this morning. coming up, the power of prayer. the atlanta pastor that was picked by president obama to
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deliver a benediction at the obama inauguration. coming under fire for a sermon that he gave in the '90s which may have given him a disinvite. >> did you look at his signature? >> not that i'm aware of. >> that is jack lew, the president's nominee for treasury secretary. what we know about him besides that weird looking signature? and does president obama need a binderful of women or is that overblown? tweet me @thomasroberts. when what you just bought, just broke. or when you have a little trouble a long way from home... as an american express cardmember you can expect some help. but what you might not expect, is you can get all this with a prepaid card. spends like cash. feels like membership.
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okay. if your signature is a snapshot of your personality, what does this say about the man president obama plans to nominate as the next treasury secretary.
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this is the john hancock of one jack lew. the white house chief of staff. if you see the swirl, that's jack lew. jack lew has a reputation as a tough negotiator. politico reporting by tapping the former key aid for tip o'neal who has worked for two white house administrations, president obama is gearing up to play tough on the debt ceiling. and msnbc contributor, not a handwriting analysis expert, but we're going to ask you about it anyway. a really out john hancock for jack lew. but he's been in and out of washington for the '70s. he's been involved, jared, in balancing the budgets. as the gop is going to push for budget cuts to coincide with three more cliffs over the budget, how critical is jack lew going to be to the president in waging that fight? >> highly critical in precisely the ways you mentioned. by the way, i think it would be
8:20 am
cool. we had that at the bottom of our currency. although i suspect he could change his signature for that. one of the things we know about jack lew is that he's been a tireless fighter to protect key areas of the budget, particularly where they affect economically vulnerable people. he's been a staunch defender of medicare, medicaid, of social security when it comes to economically vulnerable retirees. and the president has been forthright about this, a balanced plan going forward will involve spending cuts and tax increases. but when you engage in those spending cuts, jack lew will be tough on that. >> i want you to listen 0 whatter skin bowles had to say about that on mark.
8:21 am
>> is he liberal? you bet. he will offer the president his advice but i guarantee you, he's a great soldier, jack lew will march forward. >> jared, as a person who has a reputation does that make him kryptonite to the gop and make him tone-deaf? >> he's not all that liberal. i would argue he's hawkish on the budget deficit. i think his track record, again, involves protecting programs that are important to economically vulnerable people. i don't think that makes you particularly liberal. the thing about jack lew not getting along with the gop has been because of with capitol hill. he's quite well liked up.
8:22 am
i actually don't think he'll have a big problem getting confirmed. >> as an insider, what is your ideas, the controversy, alleged controversy, or lack thereof of the cabinet nominations? >> you know, i think it's relevant. i think that your cabinet doesn't have to exactly reflect your population. but it should come as close as you can. and you know, you don't have to be quota like about it. but there really is something that people of different gender and racial back grounds bring to the table. and i think you miss that if you don't have a diverse cabinet. >> msnbc and cnbc contributor jared bernstein. thank you, sir. coming up, paul ryan's argument with the one-cell human embryo cells. and plus, a new warning from the fda about a popular sleeping pill. we bring you the details ahead.
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well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. stories topping the news now. afghan president hamid karzai is in washington where he met with leon panetta and will meet with hillary clinton on the agenda, america's future in afghanistan. federal investigators are looking at the possible mechanical failure of the ferryboat crash yesterday. one person in critical condition. "lincoln" leads with we feel academy awards nominations. the oscar nominations out this morning, including best picturer, actor, actress and directing right behind "lincoln" with the most nominations is
8:27 am
"life of pi" with 11. and "silver linings playbook" and "les mis." and those whales, they're now free. about a dozen took turns leaving out of a small opening. good news, they're good to go. hey, our salads.
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[ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. welcome back, everybody. right now around the nation, emergency rooms are flooded with patients suffering from the flu. and frightening a lot of parent out there. 18 children around the country have died from this disease. according to the cdc 41 states reporting widespread flu activity. since october, 2200 people in the hospital because of the flu. in fact, it's so bad in boston as we reported yesterday they declared a public health emergency there. robert bazell joins me more. the cdc is expected to come out with new numbers on this
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tomorrow. how bad is it expected to be with the new revelation of numbers? >> we have to put this in perspective. don't forget, we have the spine flu in 2009, and 2010, 289 children in total died. the cdc doesn't take track of adults. it would be possible to do that. in addition to the flu, there's a couple other things going on. there's a lot of other viruses circulated this time of year. so everything that is flooding emergency rooms is not just flu. it's also other respiratory diseases. one called norovirus which causes a lot of gastrointestinal problems. it's the flu season will not be as bad as 2003, 2004. will it peak in the next few weeks, but right now, it's pretty bad. >> for those who may have not
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gotten their flu shot yet, and they may be thinking, well, there's not much longer to go, i can stick it out. would your advice and the doctors say get it no matter? >> yes, unless you're allergic to eggs or something. which is very rare. the flu shot does not cause the flu. there is something to be remembered about the flu shot. we're going to hear about this. flu shot is the best we have but it's not 100%. especially for older people. it's really good at protecting younger people when there's a good match like this year. but older people don't get much immunity. it's good to have a community more immunized because there's less flu around who protects the people less vulnerable. or people with suppressed or older or underlying ailments. but it's not 100%. but people do get the flu shots and they still get the flu. it's not cause and eck. it's not 100% shielded.
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the fda asking for doses of ambien to be cut down. what's with that? >> ambien is an extraordinary drug. millions of people take it. and they take it over night. it's turned out sometimes people are still groggy in the morning. >> right. >> a few people, and you've got to watch how much you're are taking because it does take you at full speed, especially if you're driving to work in the morning. >> it's also highly -- is it addictive? >> no, it's not considered addictive. it can be has been with the balance. it's not addictive. >> great to sue. thank you. if it tell us, hero israel, the lord is our god. the lord is one. and you are the compassion and merciful one. and you are loving to everyone you have made.
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>> that was rick barnes, giving the benedict at president obama's inauguration. since then, the president's moved the needle in a positive natural direction through his administration of appealing don't ask don't tell, and refusing to defend doma. he's also chosen gay latino poet blanco to read next month. as to louis giglio who's own history dates back to the 1990s. they're just coming to light or remerging. he was picked for this inaugural. and drawing to the same remarks that he made. >> and men, women, i can't say anything other than to you tonight than this. that if you look at the counsel of the word of god. old testament, new testament, you come quickly to the
8:35 am
conclusion that homosexuality is not an alternate lifestyle. homosexual is not a preference. homosexuality is not gay, but homosexuality is sin. jonathan capehart joins me on this. i understand you've got news on giglio and whether or not he's going to be there or not? >> i do have news. a source tells me that giglio made a decision to withdraw from the program. an announcement from him is due out shortly. not exactly known when that will come out. but he is withdrawing himself from the inaugural program in giving the benediction. it should be pointed out, thomas, one of the questions is, how on earth did this guy get to this position of being invited in the first place. the issue, again, a source close to the inaugural committee told me an issue that put him on their radar was his work against
8:36 am
human trafficking. and this is an issue that is very much important to president obama. in fact in september 2012, it was the focus of president obama's speech on the clinton initiative. that's how louie giglio got to the point of possibly, but no-no longer, sharing the stage with the president of the united states at his second inaugural. >> meanwhile, this pastor who has been vocal about his stance on equality, homosexuality from the a religious standpoint had predicted this would happen. at least some back lash. take a listen to this. >> and i daresay you've got to be willing to be called an intoler rent bigot or a homophobe in our society. because you will. and i daresay i will. but there's a balance here. and half of it says hold on to
8:37 am
the standard that calls us to stand up for the truth in this world. >> so you've got to be willing to be called an intolerant bigot or homophobe in our society because you will. is that proved out that the president moved that when it came forward with the don't ask, don't tell, and the fact that the department of justice does not go ahead to try to prosecute any doma cases, as we know. the people at the white house, they have google, high-speed internet, they've got all of that stuff, right? >> let's keep something in mind. this is not to make excuses for the administration or the white house. the white house and the presidential inaugural committee are two separate entities. in my reporting, i found their discovery of pastor giglio's comments, the first they heard them was from the reports that
8:38 am
came out from think progress. so it's the folks over at presidential inaugural committee who, you know, maybe should have used google to do a more thorough search of pastor giglio's past. >> so they've got eight or days or so that they can fire up their high speed. the human rights campaign, president john griffin sent this to us saying this was the right decision. participants of the inaugural festivities should unite, not divide. since the voice would be in keeping with the tone that the president wants to set for his inaugural. jonathan capehart, i appreciate it. new congress, new agenda. you could be wrong about that. the 113th congress picking up where its predecessors left off. congressman paul ryan who had to tone down his ultra conservative stance during his vice presidential bid. co-sponsored a bill yesterday.
8:39 am
that bill which was introduced and 12 in 2011 would ban birth control, in vitro fertilization of all forms of abortion. representative blackburn and diane black presented two bills for places that provide abortions for places like planned parenthood. joining me now is melissa, joining me is congresswoman -- gosh, i'm drawing a blank who ran for president, my gosh. what's her face. >> michele bachmann? >> excuse me. i'm having a senior moment at 40. but michele bachmann introducing an obama appeal. and then the person bringing up the parenthood bill. is this the beginning of the
8:40 am
same old same old? >> well, it seems like it. i think part of what's important to recognize, in this consistency and this willingness to continue with the very clear war on women's reproductive rights, you know, i think what we're seeing with the 113th congress is anticipating the fact that roe v. wade is going to be challenged in the supreme court during this session. and so they are just setting themselves, very clearly, that the republicans in the 113th, on the side, they're trying to continue a momentum that is an anti-choice, anti-reproductive rights momentum in part because they recognize this is going to come to a head. this is going to become literally a choice of going into the 2014 midterm elections for voters. >> that senior moment has thrown me off. my big apologies to michele bachmann. the diversity issue in the
8:41 am
president's cabinet, the questions that are being asked. this afternoon, jack lew is going to be the third white man nominated, melissa, to the president's cabinet. nothing against white guys. you i'm one of them. what are your thoughts on the optics of this cabinet and the fact that the president has set the standard that he's now being judged by? >> the optics are one piece of it. i think we want to be careful because no one wants to assume that any given physical body carries with it a set of political ideas. so, for example, you know, clarence thomas, sitting on the supreme court of the united states, does not mean that justice thomas is representing necessarily the positions, the issues, even the constitutional interpretation that is shared by the vast majority of civil rights organizations. and by the vast majority of african-americans. we know that simply putting women in a space, for example, had congresswoman bachmann ended up as the president of the united states she may not have
8:42 am
been representative of women issues because so many women on on the side of the reproductive rights and justice. on other hand, it it's good to have people with diverse opinions. and my biggest concern i worry that the president has lessened his diversity in part because he suspects it will cause less of a battle with the senate nominating -- the senate process but i bet it won't. in other words, these republicans are so determined to stand in the way, it won't matter if it's white men or black women, as long as they're coming from the president, they're going to get resistance. >> melissa harris-perry, thank you so much. i want to remind everybody you can catch melissa has she hosts her show at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. does president obama need a binder full of women or is the cabinet overblown. from joyce, the response, it's overblown.
8:43 am
he's done a very good job with that. from bernie, how about the best person for the job instead of worrying with gender. we ask you to keep the comments coming in on twitter and/or facebook. we're back after this. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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been able to confirm the last 20 minutes here on msnbc, the pastor that was chosen to give the benediction coming up on the inaugural, louie giglio was ask has asked to withdraw. and a statement came out, we were are aware of pastor's comments and it does not reflect what represents at this inaugural. in his leadership in combatting human trafficking around the world as we now look to select one for the benediction, we will be sure that it reflects the vision of all americans. again, that's a statement from the inaugural committee that's that's plans the president's big day coming. on the 21st. it's time for "the dig." a look at a handful of fast food restaurants across the country could be cutting the employee
8:48 am
hours to avoid the mandate for the affordable care act. an employee telling that her hours were cut up to 20 other co-workers. treadwell out of missouri owns that franchise issued this statement saying, quote, treadwell enterprises like most businesses is still researching what the affordable care act means to our operations. regardless of the conclusion of our analysis, we will comply with this law as we do with all laws. get "joining me now is an economist for "the washington post" and bloomberg, as we look at this, we reached out to talk to the corporate office. didn't receive a reply about this. but this franchise isn't the first fast food restaurant to do this. there have been similar reports that a denny's and a papa johns as gone through with a policy like this that they're forced to comply yet or fined and cutting back the employees' hours? >> yes, a lot of these
8:49 am
franchises have come out, if not from the corporate headquarters, yes, they've said, we're going to change hours. denny's released a public statement saying they're not going to do this. a similar problem at applebee's. the law has a complicated somewhat odd way of treating employers. what it basically says if you're an employer that has more than 50 employees and you don't offer health care and you don't pay them enough that they can buy health care on their own and this is important, thomas, that they use public subsidies to get health care, you have to pay into the pool to take some responsibilities for your employees. now, that amount of responsibility is not that high. it's about $2,000 per employee. it's not nothing. but it's quite a bit different than the $15,000 that the average health care plan costs. the question is would this be a better or worst deal for employers in the past ways they do health care? in the '90s, clinton wanted
8:50 am
employers to pay most. the same with the richard nixon health care plan. it's not a full share, but obviously, it's worse than what they do now, they can let their employees go eninsured and don't have to pay any at all. >> talking about that from a business standpoint. now, we have state-level governors announcing what they're doing rejectionwise to this. rick scott rejecting the affordable care act saying it's too expensive for his state. however, scott is not alone, 11 governors said they will reject the medicaid expansion. it's important to point out these are all republicans and these governors are going through what's being called the trap door to the supreme court. how does the loop work for them? >> the employers have -- it actually is worse for them. they're paying nothing and now they're going to have to sput something towards their place. what these republican governors are doing is shooting themselves in the foot.
8:51 am
the carrot offers them essentially for the first at ab federal to state dollars. the medicaid expansion is almost free. after that it's 90-10. it is an incredible deal. you get to cover a vast swath of your people. there is, nevertheless, a political incentive for republicans who hate obama care who really quite dislike the president and who broadly speaking want to preserve their viability on the right wing of their party to show that they are not cooperating with it. in the long run i don't think you're going to see many states not participating in the medicaid law and the medicaid portion of the law, and, in fact, some republicans are saying even now they will. new mexico, which is led by a republican governor, susannah martinez, came out and said it would participate in the medicaid side. they're going to get so much pressure from their hospitals
8:52 am
and health industry and doctors groups and the people in their state that they won't be able to stay out of it very long. for now it's a way to protest and to sort of show your conservative credentials. >> meanwhile, the first bill that was introduced to the 113th, i was trying to inartfully point this out to melissa in the last segment. has no co-sponsors. this is one week later. we'll see where that goes forward. the washington post ezra cline, good to see you. can a single platinum coin be the answer to all our fiscal problems? the poli-side bar coming up next. i've always kept my eye on her... but with so much health care noise, i didn't always watch out for myself. with unitedhealthcare, i get personalized information and rewards for addressing my health risks. but she's still going to give me a heart attack. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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time for the poli-side bar. the white house rejected the national petition to deport the british foreign tv host sent back to england saying "no within should be punished by the government simply because he or she expressed a view on the second amendment." ahead of the debt ceiling
8:56 am
deadline talk of minting a trillion dollar coin to pay it off. america's debt, well, it's getting some momentum. it may seem far fetched, but it's legal thanks to a law co-authored in 1995 by gop congressman mike has el. the law says the secretary may mint a platinum bullion coins and proof of platinum coins in accordance with such specifications. the inscriptions as the secretary, in the secretary discretion, may prescribe from time to time, but when nbc's chuck todd asked press secretary jay carney about it, he didn't rule it out. >> there is no plan b. there is no back-up plan. this is an option. >> i think the only option here that there is no backup plan. the only option is for congress to do its job. >> would you totally rule it out? >> you can speculate about a lot of things. >> all right. we'll have to wait on that coin. that's going to wrap things up for me. joining me tomorrow florida congressman bow biden, and gray
8:57 am
davidon, grayson, and -- don't go anywhere. alex wagner coming up next. what's up? >> we are going to talk ins and outs of president obama's cabinet reshuffle. is jack lou too much of an insider, and where are the women? we will examine comings and goings with wes more, dade corn, jonathan alter, and rona. plus, joe biden tries to make headway on gun reform. can he do it without the nra? we will get the latest on the veep's talks with someone who has been in the room. colin goddard of the brady campaign. >> we will discuss one of the most elaborate falsehoods ever sold to the american people according to rolling stones matt taibi. all that when "now" starts. we've all had those moments. when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost. when what you just bought, just broke. or when you have a little trouble a long way from home... as an american express cardmember
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